Dorset memories

It’s been fun working with Maddie on ‘A Dorset Year’ and at times a bit unexpected. One day she wants to talk about naughty 4x4s, next it’s a Day at the Races when I managed (quite by chance) to catch her and Mr Grigg winning. I was only interested in the typically English array of food around their car and ‘some English people’ standing high up to get a better view of the horses. It just happened to be my friends.

Recently she asked me for pictures of bluebells. I love flowers, so that was easy. And then off she went and talked about our local referendum. And democracy. And I love that about Maddie. You never know what you’ll get. But it will always be upbeat, whatever life throws at her. And now, she has kindly asked that I add links to my new photography microsites where, if you like my images, you can buy them directly from one of the best printers you will find The PrintSpace. They use beautiful art paper, from thick matt watercolour to glossy metallic ones. So here goes, have a little look, if you feel inclined !

Monochrome Landscapes of West Dorset :


West Dorset Memories :


And of course, flowers “Fleurs de Nathalie” (not just bluebells!) :


And for now, as Maddie would say, just about, au revoir !


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