An outbreak of unpleasantness in the village

There have been shady characters and some unpleasantness in and around the village in recent days.

Three weeks ago, a beautiful red setter went missing. There have been a few possible sightings but nothing concrete. Despite a reward, posters everywhere and a very active social media presence, no-one knows what has happened to the poor dog.

The owners are frantic.

There has been vandalism with plant pots smashed and flowers strewn around, a can of paint thrown over a car and a break-in of a shed.

Last night we had a door-to-door salesman doing the rounds, in blue tracksuit and matching hold-all.

‘Lock your front door,’ I was told. ‘You never know.’

And indeed you don’t. A few years ago, a vagrant walked into the B&B next door demanding sustenance. And then there was someone more sinister who was trying every door handle he walked past.

I’ve just heard about an elderly man who was targeted by strangers demanding cash for a roof repair. Thanks to the intervention of someone else in the village, they didn’t get away with it. But not for the want of trying.

Living in a Dorset village, crime is not a big deal, so when it happens it becomes just that, a big deal.



One comment

  1. Your village sounds like ours in this respect. On any Sunday morning in the first couple of weeks of summer, plant pots will be smashed and the odd car mirror will be vandalised. Otherwise it is pretty quiet. Once in a while the police warn about paving scams and bank scams. Everyone watches out for everyone else.


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