Time for reflection as Dorset prepares for Easter

Spring is springing out all over.

Through the night and in the early hours, there is frost on the ground until the mid-morning sun sends its beams down to melt it all away.

There are jackdaws hedging bets on who will be the first one down next door’s chimney, the village pub has splashed out on two small tables and chairs in a new, improved frontage and the nights are getting lighter – much lighter.

Lawns are being mowed in preparation for Easter egg hunts, little lambs are skipping around unaware of the fate of their bigger brothers and sisters (especially those from New Zealand whose legs are cheap and dead in Lidls) and children are getting very excited at the prospect of a couple of weeks off.

Farmers who have not turned to the dark side of massive, indoor cow units (where is the nature and compassion in that insidious and little-heard aspect of modern farming?) are getting ready to turn their cattle out into the pastures for the spring and summer.

Down at the Bay, seasonal seafarers are thinking about getting their boats in the water and award-winning restaurants are opening for business. Stately homes are gearing up for a tourist invasion.

It’s a time of celebration and reflection, partly because that’s what Nathalie’s photos illustrate this week.

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